Christ Through Coaches

Written by Charles Gee

December 25, 2017

Christ Through Coaches


They teach about life through the simple act of play,
They nurture and guide ever showing the way.They push and they prod us to be all we can be,
They instill strong values like “nothing comes free”. They work long hours, material rewards are few,
They seek no attention nor receive credit they’re due.

Why do they do it, what do they get?
They do it through love with little regret.

They’ve changed lives for generations,
With commitment and perspiration.

Thanks Coach for believing and giving us hope,
When life overwhelmed us and we were at the end of our rope.

Jesus came as a baby when we expected a king,
Little did we know the change He would bring.

He helped us to see the world another way,
Through His Father’s eyes, He taught us to pray.

We watched His example, yet failed to comprehend,
He was God on earth, the answer to sin.

For you and for me, He faced death on a cross,
He defined true love and showed Satan who’s boss.

He’s changed hearts through generations,
The cure for our pain and deep desperation.

By conquering the grave, He offers salvation and hope,
It’s God’s gift of His Son, which we all need the most.



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