December 18, 2017

“It was preparation day, and the Sabbath was about to begin.”
– Luke 23:54

The art of rebounding requires a great deal of preparation. Tom Gola holds the NCAA career rebound record with 2,201 and the NBA record belongs to Wilt Chamberlain with 23,924. The single-game NCAA record belongs to Bill Chambers of William and Mary with 51 and Wilt Chamberlain once pulled down 55 in an NBA game playing for the Philadelphia Warriors. Being tall certainly helps when it comes to rebounding, but so does being prepared and determined. To be an effective rebounder requires heart and a strong desire to go after the ball. Proper balance and good positioning are critical. Proper timing in jumping for the ball and securing it with strong hands round out the process. Rebounding is important because it gives a team additional possessions and increased opportunities to score.

The Jewish people knew a great deal about preparation. The day before Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, is called “Preparation Day.” Shabbat is a twenty-four hour period devoted to God and His commands. No work of any kind can be done during Shabbat and most every aspect of life comes to a complete standstill. Preparation Day is essential as a time to prepare meals and minds for the Sabbath the next day. To keep the Sabbath properly requires careful thought and the discipline to plan ahead. When this is done, the participant is able to enter the holy time with a clear mind and adequate focus on what is most important—God. When we adequately prepare our heart, mind and soul to focus on God, we will be given unlimited opportunities to serve Him and others.

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will be my one and only focus. Help me to prepare my heart, soul and mind to serve You and those you put in my path today. Amen.

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