Day By Day

April 19, 2021

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.
– Psalm 68:19 (ESV)

There are no shortcuts in the arena of sports. Coaches and athletes learn quickly that coupling high expectations with a lack of daily effort is a recipe for failure. One of the great lessons sport teaches us is that it takes a daily commitment to get better. We have all seen athletes with great physical talent fail to reach their full potential because they lack the desire to pay the daily price necessary for improvement. A recent trip to the gym reminded me this principle is true in most areas of our life. Looking around the room, I saw men and women in their seventies and even eighties lifting weights, and using treadmills or elliptical machines. Why would senior adults make an effort to work out on a daily basis? What were the benefits of all that hard work? My explanation is that it makes them feel better physically and mentally. They have learned the secret of making a daily commitment to their health. I believe their personal lives reflect their efforts. I bet they would tell you that they are happier, healthier and enjoy life much more than if they simply stayed home watching television.

Daily commitment is important in our spiritual growth too. I always feel better when I spend time with God on a daily basis. I look forward to my regular talks with God, not just in the morning or evening, but any time during the day. Just knowing God is always there and that He knows my every need before I ask is a daily comfort. I have also learned it’s worth the effort and essential to my spiritual development to spend time in God’s Word on a daily basis. When I do, I never fail to mine that special nugget God has put there just for me. God has also made a commitment to each of us. He always makes Himself available. He is always there for us. He never takes a day off or goes on vacation. God is like a caring father, always there to care for His children.

Heavenly Father, You love me more than I could ever imagine. Teach me to seek You daily. Help me to grow in Your love daily. Convict me to share Your love with others daily. Amen.

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