Written by Charles Gee

September 14, 2015

“I am losing all hope; I am paralyzed with fear.”
– Psalm 143:4

Spiders, flying, heights, storms and snakes are only a few of the fears that paralyze us. Others include loneliness, rejection, fear of the unknown and fear of failure. We all face fears of some kind. A quick Google search states that fear is an emotion, caused by a perceived threat which leads to a change in behavior such as running away, hiding or freezing. A recent trip to the Grand Canyon brought me face to face with my fear of heights. Standing on the trail looking out into the vastness of the canyon below not only made me weak in the knees, it froze me in my tracks. What do we do with fear when it shows up on our front door? If fear is an emotion, it can be changed, but it doesn’t just happen. Change comes only as the result of deliberate action. As I continued my trip hiking national parks in Utah, I found myself being intentional about confronting my fear. With a little prayer, a personal desire to take a few risks and the encouragement of others, I was able to enjoy my experience and feel better about myself.

Scripture talks a great deal about fear. David was losing all hope, caught up in his fear and deep depression. He was hiding in caves from King Saul who was trying to kill him. Like being in prison, David was trapped and every attempt to pull himself out of the mess was futile. Didn’t anyone care? In his desperation, David remembers God’s previous acts of love and faithfulness. He cries out and tells God his true feelings. David turns himself over to God’s guidance and puts his complete trust in God’s hands. He asked God to direct his life and found hope in the process. What is your fear today—a losing record, what others think, a failing marriage, finances? Why not try David’s approach and tell God your true feelings. Put your fear in God’s hands and let Him guide your path.

Heavenly Father, fear and timidity do not come from You. Hear my cry today and deliver me from my fears. I put my complete trust in You. Amen

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