Gear Up!

September 5, 2023

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God
that you may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand firm.”
– Ephesians 6:13 (ESV)

In sports, having the proper equipment is crucial. Too often, when we watch youth sports, we see athletes using the wrong gear or using it incorrectly. Little Leaguers use bats and gloves way too big. Youth basketball players shoot balls twice the size they need at goals way too high. Outfitting participants properly for youth football is critical. Ill-fitted helmets and shoulder pads often lead to unnecessary injuries. When preparing young athletes for competition, combining the proper equipment with the proper instruction usually leads to greater success and a more enjoyable experience.

A young David saw his family fighting the Philistine army and knew he needed to act. David had prepared himself for this day through prayer and working in his father’s fields. He’d faced many tough opponents, including lions and bears, but Goliath was an animal of different proportions. Over nine feet tall, he was a man among men who had never lost a battle. King Saul offered David his armor, but David knew immediately that it wasn’t the right fit. So, he grabbed the equipment best suited for him—a sling and five smooth stones. Goliath went down! Proper preparation, proper equipment, and God’s direct involvement got the job done. Are you playing with the right equipment in your life? Too often we try to fight our daily battles with the wrong equipment. We try to battle sin and temptation in our own power or with some self-help formula. In reality, God’s equipment—His Word, truth, faith, righteousness, peace, and salvation are what we need to overcome the swords and spears of life. Get geared up and stand firm!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the lesson of David and Goliath. Teach me that in your hands, small things become mighty. Help me understand that in Your armor, the impossible becomes possible. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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