How We Talk Matters

December 30, 2019

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths,
but only such as is good for building up…..”
– Ephesians 4:29

We talk to ourselves all day long. If that’s true, and it is, what are we talking about? Too often, the words we speak to ourselves aren’t positive. If we actually stop and listen to these messages, we might question how we accomplish anything at all. Sport psychologists say that developing positive self-talk is one of the most difficult skills for people to master. Many times we don’t even give ourselves a chance to succeed because we’re pumping our brains with the worst possible outcomes. I can’t do that! It’s too hard! What if I fail? Negative self-talk can destroy anyone, but it’s especially dangerous for athletes and coaches. If you’re constantly dealing with pre-game jitters and performance anxiety, maybe it’s time to stand up and have a heart-to-heart with that negative voice in your head. I can do this! It’s hard, but if I keep working, I’ll get there! Failure is just one step toward success! Not once a day, but all day, we must build ourselves up through positive self-talk.

How often do we limit our talks with God to meal time and bed time? Maybe we think God is too busy to hear us during other times of the day. Maybe we think we should only burden God with the big stuff! The truth is, nothing is too small to share with God and we  don’t even need to set up an appointment. Don’t let Satan convince you otherwise. Don’t let his lies lead to negative self-talk. Talk to God through “windshield prayers” as you walk, drive or wait in line at a store. Repeat the same short prayer throughout the day. “I love you Lord.” “I thank You in all things.” Practice being in the moment. See that chance meeting with someone as a “divine appointment” rather than a distraction. Learn to see the beauty in nature and the goodness in people and give God thanks. Not once a day, but all day, we can talk with God and thank Him for all He does for us.

Thank You God for the many blessings You give us. Help me to recognize them, enjoy them and give You thanks for them all day long. Amen.

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