Strength through Weakness

February 4, 2013

 “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

– 2 Corinthians 12:9 (Holman Christian Standard)

Our lives can change in an instant! Though consumed with our coaching responsibilities, life continues to happen around us. We tragically lose players and coaching friends to accidents or illness. In the middle of a season we may lose a loved one or face the decision of placing a family member in assisted living. Out of nowhere, we are called into an office and told our contract will not be renewed. When these things happen, we are snatched back to the reality that there’s very little in life we control. Where do we turn when life get rough? Where do we go when the pain seems to drain the life out of us?

Bad things happen and we often ask God to take our pain and suffering away. That’s not His way. But here’s the good news: God promises His grace (LOVE) is all we need. We don’t have to ask God to make His grace (LOVE) sufficient, it already is! In our times of greatest weakness and need, God is with us. Though none of us would volunteer to go through pain and suffering, we could probably agree that we are closer to God during these times. The Apostle Paul is saying if he is closer to Jesus in hard times, bring them on, he will gladly go through them. What about you? Are you going through a tough time right now? Are you looking for peace and comfort in the wrong places? You have God’s promise that His grace (LOVE) is enough to get you through. Not over, not under and not around the tough times, but through them.

Father, thank you for Your love. We cling to Your promises as we go through the difficult times of life. When we are weak, You are strong. Teach us Lord, to draw closer to You when the times get tough. Amen.

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