April 14, 2014

“So many enemies against one man—all of them trying to kill me. To them I’m just a broken-down wall or a tottering fence. They plan to topple me from my high position. They delight in telling lies about me. They praise me to my face but curse me in their hearts. Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.”
– Psalm 62:3-6 (New Living Translation)


We’ve all felt it. Sometimes it’s self-imposed and sometimes it’s the result of everything going on around us. Every coach has dealt with it, is dealing with it now, or will be dealing with it in the future. It affects coaches on all levels. It can make us irritable or defensive, and cause even the strongest to question why we do what we do. If we aren’t careful, it can consume us and negatively impact our health. Some of us learn how to handle it and some don’t. We know this enemy all too well and we call it stress. Coaches are constantly under the microscope and our work is on full display for all to see. Media follows our every move and internet chat rooms are filled with experts who know exactly what could and should be done. How do we handle the stress? Where do we go for comfort and a little peace?

David knew about stress and writes about it in Psalms. David was frustrated and he let God know about it. But he didn’t stop there, David also reaffirmed his faith in God. That’s a pretty good prescription for the illness. It helped David get what was bothering him off his chest and it also helped him focus his attention on the one who could solve his problem. David didn’t keep it inside and let it eat him alive! We don’t have to be captives to stress either. It’s a simple formula: Pray, trust God and wait. It’s difficult, but it works every time.

Father God, You are my comfort and peace. Thank You for hearing my frustrations. Thank You also for providing an answer to each difficult decision that must be made. Teach me to wait quietly and patiently. Amen.

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