November 23, 2015

“I will praise God’s name with song
and exalt Him with thanksgiving.”

– Psalm 69:30

We see it so often now that we don’t even give it a second thought. Following a touchdown, the jubilant football player goes into his own private victory celebration. Just when we think we have seen all the dances and stunts that could possibly be performed, someone takes it to a new level. It now has become an outrageous contest to see who can draw the most attention to himself. I might be thinking “old school” here, but wouldn’t it be nice if just once the player went back and thanked everyone who made the touchdown possible! High fives for the linemen who made the blocks, slaps on the back to the coaches who called the play, and acknowledgement to the fans who gave their money and time to attend the game. All too often, players forget about all the people who made it possible for them to get into the end zone in the first place.

Sometimes as coaches, we too forget to thank those who help us do what we do
. Our spouses and good friends that love us and encourage us even in the darkest times. Our assistant coaches who get in the “foxhole” with us and fight the battles with us each day. Our players who trust us to do what is best for them and the team. Our administrators who hired us to model good character and integrity on and off the field. And most of all, our God. It is He that gave us our abilities and talents and we are to use them to glorify Him. Our challenge is to be thankful for all those whom we serve as well as those who serve us. The next time we want to say, “Hey everyone, look at me, look what I did”, let’s remember those who helped us get there. Have a great week and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Heavenly Father, everything comes from You and I am thankful. Thank you for those people You have put around me, who love me and encourage me. Help me to never take these gifts for granted. Amen.


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