The Greatest Champion

January 9, 2017

It all comes down to one game. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers face off for the right to be called National Champions for the 2017 college football season. A price has been paid by the athletes and coaches who will compete in this rematch of last year’s championship game. Early morning workouts, film study, mat drills and grueling practices are but a few of the sacrifices that have been made. Only one team will emerge as CHAMPION. The confetti will fall, the hats will be worn and the rings will be ordered. It doesn’t get any better than this! But wait, what are the experts talking about? Before the trophy is in the case, the question is being asked, “Who will win it all in 2018?” The winner of tonight’s game will be champion for a year, it’s only temporary.

This poem by Jack Easterby reminds us of a CHAMPION who can give us a reward that lasts for eternity.


The Greatest Champion

The debate remains aloud, to find from the crowd, the greatest champion of all time
So let them line up, all holding their cups, determined by nickels and dimes

Quickly we will see, the glorified tree, of athletes, politicians and heroes
All promoting self, and bank account wealth, a competition that revolves around zeroes

But I dare to say, the greatest champion today, is the one who’s been forgotten by most
Valued to a few, who sit in the pew, and announced by the heavenly host

Born in a stable, to show that he’s able, to serve and lead at all cost
He seeks and feeds, the deepest needs, of all that confess they are lost

He fed and He healed, and in Gethsemane kneeled, to earn His ultimate crown
Accused by a crowd, blasphemy out loud, to the cross so His kingdom would come down

For six hours He hung, no anthem was sung, and no TV coverage was given to His name
Alone He competed, until your sin He defeated, the King of the Jews as they called Him by name

So the champion was graved, by one He had saved, never to be seen again
But after three days, the stone was away, and the locker room was emptied of sin

The champion rose, and preached love that flows; to His disciples and friends who would listen
He preached no banner or ring, or any perishable thing, just a home with streets that glisten

The greatest champion is Christ, who paid in full price, for all that call on His name
In the way that He walked, and in all that He talked, He mastered this life and its game

So let’s hear a cheer, the champion is here, and said He would never forsake
He has all the reasons, and has named all the seasons, He’s the greatest champion let’s make no mistake.

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