Too Much Information

January 8, 2024

“Excessive speech is not appropriate on a fool’s lips….”
– Proverbs 17:7

It seemed innocent enough. Two friends, who happened to be coaching opposing baseball teams, exchanging idle talk on a beautiful afternoon. As we stood on the infield grass, we caught up on one another’s lives. We talked about old times, family and other topics. After a few minutes, the subject turned to the upcoming spring football schedule for our individual schools. Unknown to me, my school’s head football coach, who also doubled as head baseball coach, was listening in. After wishing my friend good luck in the day’s game, I headed toward the visitor’s dugout. As my thoughts shifted to the pre-game warm up, my head coach walked up. He let me know very quickly and very emphatically that what we did at our high school was no one else’s business. It seemed silly at the time and I got a little angry. However, as I matured and took on the role of head coach myself, I saw the wisdom in his words and approach. What seemed like innocent talk had quickly turned into way too much information.

In today’s world, it’s even harder. The unlimited forms of social media make our every move public knowledge. What and where we eat, the destination of our last family vacation and all the details of our daily lives. What seems to be an innocent conversation can quickly turn against us. Looking back on my days as a classroom teacher, the worst place for idle talk was in the teacher’s lounge. How easy it is for small talk to sway our opinions regarding others. How easy it is to jump to conclusions after hearing only half of the story. King Solomon warns us about excessive speech and the unwanted troubles that can result. It’s a wise person who knows when to “zip up the lips.”

Heavenly Father, thank You for the ability to communicate with others. As I go through this day, give me the wisdom and discernment to recognize the difference between helpful and foolish talk. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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