March 15, 2021

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,
but blessed is he who keeps the law.
– Proverbs 29:18 (ESV)


Longtime Alabama head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant knew what vision was all about. In his book Bear Bryant on Leadership, Pat Williams says, “Bryant saw the future before it arrived. He saw victory over the horizon before others ever opened their eyes. He saw victory parades in the streets and facilities already built. He even saw his team’s national championship trophies glistening in the light before they were won.” In a career that covered thirty-eight years, Bryant’s teams won 323 games and six national championships. Coach Bryant’s vision went beyond X’s and O’s, game plans and wins or losses. His vision included academics, life skills for his athletes, media, sports publicity and having the best athletic facilities in the nation. He even established a scholarship program for 700 children of former players to attend the University of Alabama.

Vision is a bridge between the present and the future. Without it, we sway from one thing to another. A lack of vision causes us to settle for the path of least resistance in each decision we make. Vision is not only what we see, but also the way we see. There is an old story about some bricklayers that helps us understand proper vision. There were three bricklayers working beside each other on a wall. Someone came up to the first one and said, What are you doing? What’s it look like I’m doing?, he replied sarcastically. I’m laying bricks! The man asked the next guy on the wall what he was doing. He said, Can’t you see what I’m doing? I’m building a wall. Then the last man was asked what he was doing. He enthusiastically exclaimed, I’m building a great cathedral for God! Vison causes people to love their work because they can see the big picture. Is your vision blurred? To see clearly, we must not only know God’s ways, but  obey His commands. If we could only envision what God sees for each of us, my guess is it wouldn’t simply be a brick or a wall, but a great cathedral for Him.

Heavenly Father, You are a God of vision. Help me understand that I’m a part of Your vision. Open my eyes today to see the vison You have for me and give me the strength to carry it out. Amen.

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