February 8, 2016

“Let your good deeds shine out for all to see,
so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

– Matthew 5:16

Taking inventory is something we do often as coaches. Typically when we think of taking inventory, we’re talking about team equipment. How many basketballs need to be ordered for the season? Do I have helmets and shoulder pads that need to be reconditioned before next season? Do new uniforms need to ordered and if so, how many? Taking inventory is a never-ending process for the coach who wants to be prepared. There’s another inventory however, that coaches often overlook that can have a devastating impact on how we do our jobs. I think it’s critical as coaches, that we frequently take a personal inventory . We should ask ourselves three short questions and answer them honestly. Why do I coach? Why do I coach the way that I do? And finally, what is it like to be coached by me? Without a doubt, coaches are great influencers and coaches have the opportunity to change lives in both positive and negative ways. Keeping the answers to these questions in our minds and in our hearts can help us maintain the proper perspective on why we do what we do.

Before becoming one of Jesus’ disciples, Matthew worked as a tax collector. It’s a gross understatement to say that tax collectors were not held in high regard in Matthew’s day. No one likes paying taxes, but to make matters worse, the taxes Matthew was collecting were going to the despised Roman government. Matthew had a tough job, but his insight was important once he became part of Jesus’ team. Like a coach, Matthew knew he held the power of influence. He could live a life that would draw others to Jesus or drive them away. He could be a beacon of truth and a light shining for others to see or he could blend in with the crowd and ignore the needs of those around him. I think Matthew knew exactly why he was following Jesus. I also think he was trying his best to follow Christ’s example. And most important of all, I think Matthew was willing to make changes in his approach when the situation called for it. What about you? Maybe the time is right to take your own personal inventory.

Heavenly Father, my desire is to glorify you in all that I do. Humble me and guide me as I take my personal inventory. Help me to make changes if they need to be made. May others see your Son Jesus in me today. Amen.


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