You Can’t Hide

January 21, 2019

“O God, You know how foolish I am; my sins cannot be hidden from you.”
– Psalm 69:5

The film doesn’t lie! How many times as coaches have we had athletes firmly deny missing a block or fail to take responsibility for a penalty during the heat of competition? Maybe they don’t want to own up to the failure or maybe they’re truly convinced they did nothing wrong. No matter what the athlete may think on game day, when the film is played back for everyone to see, the truth will be revealed. Watching game film can be a very uncomfortable and humbling experience.  Not only are the mistakes there for everyone to see, coaches are notorious for playing those forgettable clips over and over again. There is absolutely no place to hide.  
How often do we play the same game with God. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t really say that. There was nothing I could have done. In our minds, we easily convince ourselves it never happened or that it didn’t happen the way it actually did. Even if I admit to myself that I was wrong, I often don’t do what I should to correct the situation. “Well”, I say, “nobody actually saw what I did.” The truth is, God doesn’t miss a thing! Just like the game film, God is recording my every action and one day I’ll have to sit and watch the uncomfortable and humbling replay. There will be no place to hide from my sins.
Heavenly Father, help me to admit to my mistakes today and to take responsibility for correcting them. May I never forget that Your eyes are always watching. Amen.

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