A Coach's Prayer

Written by Charles Gee

November 25, 2013

“I will praise God’s name with song and
praise Him with thanksgiving.”
– Psalm 69:30 (Holman Christian Standard)

Dear God, thank you for the opportunities and challenges you have blessed me with. Help me to love my family, my friends, teammates and opponents as You love me.

Help me to sacrifice my personal welfare for others as You did for me, and help me to utilize my gifts to glorify Your name.

For it is only in giving that I emulate You. I pray that I will always be a true sportsman in the arena of life.

May I learn to obey life’s rules so that I may be spared its harsh penalties. Teach me to prize honest defeat above dishonest victory. Teach me also to be brave in defeat and humble in victory.

God, help me to be a better coach. May I coach the game in such a way that someday, I will be included in Your Hall of Fame. Amen.


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